Happy mother’s day..!

It was mother’s day ,a family consisting of a 6 yr old  child and parent, planned to have a small connected celebration . They brought some chips and 3 burger, one for each .It was evening and , it even started to drizzle, they were all set for  “their time” fun .

 Surprisingly, one of the dad’s colleague comes to visit them. The parents greeted but the child was a little upset about the visitor. 

Nevertheless , things has to go on, the mother without a second  thought , served dad and the guest with a tea and the burger, and the last one to the child. Immediately the child said “Mom, I ll have half and you have my other half”. That day she felt so proud of being called as a mother, for instilling such quality  in her child. That was the best mother’s day gift she could ever get. It’s not about gifts or celebrations or anything else , it’s about caring and understanding someone’s  feelings. 
And both jovially ate, half-and-half.

Small happiness can also make it count. Be cheerful, spread joy, love yourself and also love people around you.